Writing the Right Hooks for An Essay

Profile Pic Regine Solante   March 29, 2018

A good hook is a key to a successful essay. The hook should catch the reader’s attention and stimulate further reading.  If you can write a good hook sentence or small paragraph, consider half of the job done. A hook should be smart, concise, catchy, and unique. Sounds impossible? Not if you are prepared for the job. You can find a huge variety of sample hooks on the Internet. Usually, they fall into one of the below categories.

  • Quotes – This is the best bet if you are out of time. You can find a suitable quote (preferably from someone respectable) and stick it on top of your essay. Did you notice how we did it in this article?
  • Anecdotes – If you know a great anecdote related to the essay topic, you are in luck. Funny stories catch the reader’s attention and hold it better than any other hooks. But be careful, bad humor is a major turn off.
  • Questions – People enjoy when you are paying personal attention to them. That’s what you can do by using questions as hooks. See how we’ve done it at the beginning of the essay.
  • Scenes – You can describe a certain scene or an incident to help a person visualize it. Some people get attracted by visualization. This is a great hook for a descriptive essay.
  • Facts – Another easy hook is a fact, which can surprise the reader. Interesting facts are always appealing. For example, it takes not 24 hours but 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds for the Earth to rotate once completely on its axis. Or.. beer is considered as a food in Bavaria on the official level. Think which fact will surprise your readers.
  • Stats – This is a great hook for expository and persuasive essay types, in which you want the reader to believe in your competence.
Source: https://www.myenglishteacher.eu/blog/how-to-start-an-essay/